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/* Copyright (C) 1995 Bjoern Beutel. */

/* Description. =============================================================*/

/* This module contains the Malaga rule interpreter. */

/* Types. ===================================================================*/

typedef struct 
/* Contains a rule system of a compiled rule file.
 * A "..._count" or "..._size" variable contains the number of elements
 * in the following table. */
  int_t initial_rule_set; /* Rules index of the initial rule set. */
  int_t initial_fs; /* Values index of initial feature structure. */

  int_t robust_rule; /* Number of robust_rule or -1. */
  int_t pruning_rule; /* Number of pruning_rule or -1. */
  int_t allo_rule; /* Number of allo_rule or -1. */
  int_t input_filter; /* Number of input filter rule or -1. */
  int_t output_filter; /* Number of output filter rule or -1. */

  rule_t *rules; /* Name and code of every rule. */
  int_t rule_count;

  int_t *rule_sets; /* A collection of lists. Each list is a series of rules,
                     * followed by -1. A list may be subdivided into sublists,
                     * which are separated by -2. The rules of a sublist are
                     * executed if none of the rules of the preceding sublist
                     * has been successful. */
  int_t rule_sets_size;

  instr_t *instrs; /* The actual rule instructions. */
  int_t instr_count;

  cell_t *values; /* All constant Malaga values. */
  int_t values_size;

  char_t *strings; /* Names of files, variables, rules, patterns. */
  int_t strings_size;
  src_line_t *src_lines; /* Correspondence between source lines
                          * and rule instructions. */
  int_t src_line_count;

  var_t *vars; /* Variable names. */
  int_t var_count;

  var_scope_t *var_scopes; /* Variable scopes. */
  int_t var_scope_count;

  constant_t *constants; /* Named constants. */
  int_t constant_count;
} rule_sys_t;

/* Variables. ===============================================================*/

extern void (*add_end_state)( value_t fs );
/* Add a state, consisting of feature structure FS, as an end state.
 * This is a callback function called from "execute_rule". */

extern void (*add_running_state)( value_t fs, int_t rule_set );
/* Add a running state, consisting of feature structure FS and RULE_SET.
 * This is a callback function called from "execute_rule". */

extern void (*add_allo)( string_t surf, value_t fs );
/* Add an allomorph, consisting of SURF and feature structure FS, 
 * to the lexicon. This is a callback function called from "execute_rule". */

extern void (*debug_rule)( bool_t interrupt );
/* Called from "execute_rule" before instruction at PC is executed.
 * This is a callback function called from "execute_rule". */

extern void (*transmit)( void );
/* Stack effects: VALUE -> NEW_VALUE.
 * Called when FUNC_TRANSMIT is executed.
 * This is a callback function called from "execute_rule". */

extern rule_sys_t *debug_rule_sys; /* The rule system to debug or NULL. */

extern bool_t rule_successful;
/* Indicator for execution of result, accept, or allo statement. Read only! */

/* These values are used by "execute_rule",
 * but they are global to support debuggers and error messages. Read only! */
extern int_t pc;
extern int_t base;
extern int_t nested_subrules;
extern int_t executed_rule_number;
extern rule_sys_t *executed_rule_sys;
extern int_t path_count;

/* Functions. ===============================================================*/

extern void execute_rule( rule_sys_t *rule_sys, int_t rule_number );
/* Execute rule RULE_NUMBER in the rule system RULE_SYS.
 * Any parameters must be on the value stack. */

extern rule_sys_t *read_rule_sys( string_t file_name );
/* Read rule system from file FILE_NAME.
 * A symbol file must have already been loaded. */

extern void free_rule_sys( rule_sys_t **rule_sys );
/* Free all memory used by *RULE_SYS. */

/* Debug support functions. =================================================*/

extern void source_of_instr( rule_sys_t *rule_sys, 
                             int_t instr_index, 
                             int_t *line, 
                             string_t *file_name,
                             string_t *rule_name );
/* Set *LINE, *FILE_NAME and *RULE_NAME to appropriate values
 * for the statement that has generated the instruction at INSTR_INDEX. */

extern string_t rule_set_readable( rule_sys_t *rule_sys, int_t rule_set );
/* Return RULE_SET in RULE_SYS as a readable string.
 * The string must be freed after use. */

extern int_t get_frame_count( void );
/* Get the number of frames in the current path. */

extern void get_frame_info( int_t frame, 
                      int_t *pc_index, 
                      int_t *base_index,
                      int_t *first_var_index,
                      int_t *last_var_index );
 * of the frame no. FRAME. Any result pointer may be NULL. 
 * Frame no. 0 is the current frame, 
 * frame no. "get_frame_count() - 1" is the outermost one. */

extern var_scope_t *get_var_scope_by_name( rule_sys_t *rule_sys, 
                                 string_t var_name, 
                                 int_t instr_index );
/* Return the scope of variable VAR_NAME at INSTR_INDEX. */

extern string_t variable_at_index( rule_sys_t *rule_sys, 
                                   int_t stack_index, 
                                   int_t instr_index );
/* Return the name of the variable that is defined at STACK_INDEX
 * when instruction INSTR_INDEX is executed or NULL if there is none. */

extern value_t get_constant( rule_sys_t *rule_sys, string_t name );
/* Return the value of constant NAME in RULE_SYS.
 * Return NULL if there is no such constant. */

/* Switches support =========================================================*/

extern void set_switch( symbol_t key, value_t value );
/* Set the switch KEY to VALUE. */

extern value_t get_switch( symbol_t key );
/* Return the value of the switch KEY. 
 * Report an error if this switch doesn't exist. */

extern void get_first_switch( value_t *value, symbol_t *key );
/* Return the first switch in *VALUE and its key in *KEY.
 * If there is no switch, *VALUE is NULL. */

extern void get_next_switch( value_t *value, symbol_t *key );
/* Return the next switch in *VALUE and its key in *KEY.
 * If there is no more switch, *VALUE is NULL. */

extern void free_switches( void );
/* Free all settings. */

/* End of file. =============================================================*/

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