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/* Copyright (C) 1995 Bjoern Beutel. */

/* Description. =============================================================*/

/* Defines KSC_TABLE, which translates KSC5601 code into trigem code. */

/* Includes. ================================================================*/

#include <setjmp.h>
#include "basic.h"
#include "ksc_table.h"

/* Constants. ===============================================================*/

u_short_t ksc_table[ KSC_TABLE_SIZE ] =
  /* KSC codes b0a1-b0fe */
  0x8861, 0x8862, 0x8865, 0x8868, 0x8869, 0x886a, 0x886b, 0x8871, 
  0x8873, 0x8874, 0x8875, 0x8876, 0x8877, 0x8878, 0x8879, 0x887b, 
  0x887c, 0x887d, 0x8881, 0x8882, 0x8885, 0x8889, 0x8891, 0x8893, 
  0x8895, 0x8896, 0x8897, 0x88a1, 0x88a2, 0x88a5, 0x88a9, 0x88b5, 
  0x88b7, 0x88c1, 0x88c5, 0x88c9, 0x88e1, 0x88e2, 0x88e5, 0x88e8, 
  0x88e9, 0x88eb, 0x88f1, 0x88f3, 0x88f5, 0x88f6, 0x88f7, 0x88f8, 
  0x88fb, 0x88fc, 0x88fd, 0x8941, 0x8945, 0x8949, 0x8951, 0x8953, 
  0x8955, 0x8956, 0x8957, 0x8961, 0x8962, 0x8963, 0x8965, 0x8968, 
  0x8969, 0x8971, 0x8973, 0x8975, 0x8976, 0x8977, 0x897b, 0x8981, 
  0x8985, 0x8989, 0x8993, 0x8995, 0x89a1, 0x89a2, 0x89a5, 0x89a8, 
  0x89a9, 0x89ab, 0x89ad, 0x89b0, 0x89b1, 0x89b3, 0x89b5, 0x89b7, 
  0x89b8, 0x89c1, 0x89c2, 0x89c5, 0x89c9, 0x89cb, 
  /* KSC codes b1a1-b1fe */
  0x89d1, 0x89d3, 0x89d5, 0x89d7, 0x89e1, 0x89e5, 0x89e9, 0x89f3, 
  0x89f6, 0x89f7, 0x8a41, 0x8a42, 0x8a45, 0x8a49, 0x8a51, 0x8a53, 
  0x8a55, 0x8a57, 0x8a61, 0x8a65, 0x8a69, 0x8a73, 0x8a75, 0x8a81, 
  0x8a82, 0x8a85, 0x8a88, 0x8a89, 0x8a8a, 0x8a8b, 0x8a90, 0x8a91, 
  0x8a93, 0x8a95, 0x8a97, 0x8a98, 0x8aa1, 0x8aa2, 0x8aa5, 0x8aa9, 
  0x8ab6, 0x8ab7, 0x8ac1, 0x8ad5, 0x8ae1, 0x8ae2, 0x8ae5, 0x8ae9, 
  0x8af1, 0x8af3, 0x8af5, 0x8b41, 0x8b45, 0x8b49, 0x8b61, 0x8b62, 
  0x8b65, 0x8b68, 0x8b69, 0x8b6a, 0x8b71, 0x8b73, 0x8b75, 0x8b77, 
  0x8b81, 0x8ba1, 0x8ba2, 0x8ba5, 0x8ba8, 0x8ba9, 0x8bab, 0x8bb1, 
  0x8bb3, 0x8bb5, 0x8bb7, 0x8bb8, 0x8bbc, 0x8c61, 0x8c62, 0x8c63, 
  0x8c65, 0x8c69, 0x8c6b, 0x8c71, 0x8c73, 0x8c75, 0x8c76, 0x8c77, 
  0x8c7b, 0x8c81, 0x8c82, 0x8c85, 0x8c89, 0x8c91, 
  /* KSC codes b2a1-b2fe */
  0x8c93, 0x8c95, 0x8c96, 0x8c97, 0x8ca1, 0x8ca2, 0x8ca9, 0x8ce1, 
  0x8ce2, 0x8ce3, 0x8ce5, 0x8ce9, 0x8cf1, 0x8cf3, 0x8cf5, 0x8cf6, 
  0x8cf7, 0x8d41, 0x8d42, 0x8d45, 0x8d51, 0x8d55, 0x8d57, 0x8d61, 
  0x8d65, 0x8d69, 0x8d75, 0x8d76, 0x8d7b, 0x8d81, 0x8da1, 0x8da2, 
  0x8da5, 0x8da7, 0x8da9, 0x8db1, 0x8db3, 0x8db5, 0x8db7, 0x8db8, 
  0x8db9, 0x8dc1, 0x8dc2, 0x8dc9, 0x8dd6, 0x8dd7, 0x8de1, 0x8de2, 
  0x8df7, 0x8e41, 0x8e45, 0x8e49, 0x8e51, 0x8e53, 0x8e57, 0x8e61, 
  0x8e81, 0x8e82, 0x8e85, 0x8e89, 0x8e90, 0x8e91, 0x8e93, 0x8e95, 
  0x8e97, 0x8e98, 0x8ea1, 0x8ea9, 0x8eb6, 0x8eb7, 0x8ec1, 0x8ec2, 
  0x8ec5, 0x8ec9, 0x8ed1, 0x8ed3, 0x8ed6, 0x8ee1, 0x8ee5, 0x8ee9, 
  0x8ef1, 0x8ef3, 0x8f41, 0x8f61, 0x8f62, 0x8f65, 0x8f67, 0x8f69, 
  0x8f6b, 0x8f70, 0x8f71, 0x8f73, 0x8f75, 0x8f77, 
  /* KSC codes b3a1-b3fe */
  0x8f7b, 0x8fa1, 0x8fa2, 0x8fa5, 0x8fa9, 0x8fb1, 0x8fb3, 0x8fb5, 
  0x8fb7, 0x9061, 0x9062, 0x9063, 0x9065, 0x9068, 0x9069, 0x906a, 
  0x906b, 0x9071, 0x9073, 0x9075, 0x9076, 0x9077, 0x9078, 0x9079, 
  0x907b, 0x907d, 0x9081, 0x9082, 0x9085, 0x9089, 0x9091, 0x9093, 
  0x9095, 0x9096, 0x9097, 0x90a1, 0x90a2, 0x90a5, 0x90a9, 0x90b1, 
  0x90b7, 0x90e1, 0x90e2, 0x90e4, 0x90e5, 0x90e9, 0x90eb, 0x90ec, 
  0x90f1, 0x90f3, 0x90f5, 0x90f6, 0x90f7, 0x90fd, 0x9141, 0x9142, 
  0x9145, 0x9149, 0x9151, 0x9153, 0x9155, 0x9156, 0x9157, 0x9161, 
  0x9162, 0x9165, 0x9169, 0x9171, 0x9173, 0x9176, 0x9177, 0x917a, 
  0x9181, 0x9185, 0x91a1, 0x91a2, 0x91a5, 0x91a9, 0x91ab, 0x91b1, 
  0x91b3, 0x91b5, 0x91b7, 0x91bc, 0x91bd, 0x91c1, 0x91c5, 0x91c9, 
  0x91d6, 0x9241, 0x9245, 0x9249, 0x9251, 0x9253, 
  /* KSC codes b4a1-b4fe */
  0x9255, 0x9261, 0x9262, 0x9265, 0x9269, 0x9273, 0x9275, 0x9277, 
  0x9281, 0x9282, 0x9285, 0x9288, 0x9289, 0x9291, 0x9293, 0x9295, 
  0x9297, 0x92a1, 0x92b6, 0x92c1, 0x92e1, 0x92e5, 0x92e9, 0x92f1, 
  0x92f3, 0x9341, 0x9342, 0x9349, 0x9351, 0x9353, 0x9357, 0x9361, 
  0x9362, 0x9365, 0x9369, 0x936a, 0x936b, 0x9371, 0x9373, 0x9375, 
  0x9377, 0x9378, 0x937c, 0x9381, 0x9385, 0x9389, 0x93a1, 0x93a2, 
  0x93a5, 0x93a9, 0x93ab, 0x93b1, 0x93b3, 0x93b5, 0x93b7, 0x93bc, 
  0x9461, 0x9462, 0x9463, 0x9465, 0x9468, 0x9469, 0x946a, 0x946b, 
  0x946c, 0x9470, 0x9471, 0x9473, 0x9475, 0x9476, 0x9477, 0x9478, 
  0x9479, 0x947d, 0x9481, 0x9482, 0x9485, 0x9489, 0x9491, 0x9493, 
  0x9495, 0x9496, 0x9497, 0x94a1, 0x94e1, 0x94e2, 0x94e3, 0x94e5, 
  0x94e8, 0x94e9, 0x94eb, 0x94ec, 0x94f1, 0x94f3, 
  /* KSC codes b5a1-b5fe */
  0x94f5, 0x94f7, 0x94f9, 0x94fc, 0x9541, 0x9542, 0x9545, 0x9549, 
  0x9551, 0x9553, 0x9555, 0x9556, 0x9557, 0x9561, 0x9565, 0x9569, 
  0x9576, 0x9577, 0x9581, 0x9585, 0x95a1, 0x95a2, 0x95a5, 0x95a8, 
  0x95a9, 0x95ab, 0x95ad, 0x95b1, 0x95b3, 0x95b5, 0x95b7, 0x95b9, 
  0x95bb, 0x95c1, 0x95c5, 0x95c9, 0x95e1, 0x95f6, 0x9641, 0x9645, 
  0x9649, 0x9651, 0x9653, 0x9655, 0x9661, 0x9681, 0x9682, 0x9685, 
  0x9689, 0x9691, 0x9693, 0x9695, 0x9697, 0x96a1, 0x96b6, 0x96c1, 
  0x96d7, 0x96e1, 0x96e5, 0x96e9, 0x96f3, 0x96f5, 0x96f7, 0x9741, 
  0x9745, 0x9749, 0x9751, 0x9757, 0x9761, 0x9762, 0x9765, 0x9768, 
  0x9769, 0x976b, 0x9771, 0x9773, 0x9775, 0x9777, 0x9781, 0x97a1, 
  0x97a2, 0x97a5, 0x97a8, 0x97a9, 0x97b1, 0x97b3, 0x97b5, 0x97b6, 
  0x97b7, 0x97b8, 0x9861, 0x9862, 0x9865, 0x9869, 
  /* KSC codes b6a1-b6fe */
  0x9871, 0x9873, 0x9875, 0x9876, 0x9877, 0x987d, 0x9881, 0x9882, 
  0x9885, 0x9889, 0x9891, 0x9893, 0x9895, 0x9896, 0x9897, 0x98e1, 
  0x98e2, 0x98e5, 0x98e9, 0x98eb, 0x98ec, 0x98f1, 0x98f3, 0x98f5, 
  0x98f6, 0x98f7, 0x98fd, 0x9941, 0x9942, 0x9945, 0x9949, 0x9951, 
  0x9953, 0x9955, 0x9956, 0x9957, 0x9961, 0x9976, 0x99a1, 0x99a2, 
  0x99a5, 0x99a9, 0x99b7, 0x99c1, 0x99c9, 0x99e1, 0x9a41, 0x9a45, 
  0x9a81, 0x9a82, 0x9a85, 0x9a89, 0x9a90, 0x9a91, 0x9a97, 0x9ac1, 
  0x9ae1, 0x9ae5, 0x9ae9, 0x9af1, 0x9af3, 0x9af7, 0x9b61, 0x9b62, 
  0x9b65, 0x9b68, 0x9b69, 0x9b71, 0x9b73, 0x9b75, 0x9b81, 0x9b85, 
  0x9b89, 0x9b91, 0x9b93, 0x9ba1, 0x9ba5, 0x9ba9, 0x9bb1, 0x9bb3, 
  0x9bb5, 0x9bb7, 0x9c61, 0x9c62, 0x9c65, 0x9c69, 0x9c71, 0x9c73, 
  0x9c75, 0x9c76, 0x9c77, 0x9c78, 0x9c7c, 0x9c7d, 
  /* KSC codes b7a1-b7fe */
  0x9c81, 0x9c82, 0x9c85, 0x9c89, 0x9c91, 0x9c93, 0x9c95, 0x9c96, 
  0x9c97, 0x9ca1, 0x9ca2, 0x9ca5, 0x9cb5, 0x9cb7, 0x9ce1, 0x9ce2, 
  0x9ce5, 0x9ce9, 0x9cf1, 0x9cf3, 0x9cf5, 0x9cf6, 0x9cf7, 0x9cfd, 
  0x9d41, 0x9d42, 0x9d45, 0x9d49, 0x9d51, 0x9d53, 0x9d55, 0x9d57, 
  0x9d61, 0x9d62, 0x9d65, 0x9d69, 0x9d71, 0x9d73, 0x9d75, 0x9d76, 
  0x9d77, 0x9d81, 0x9d85, 0x9d93, 0x9d95, 0x9da1, 0x9da2, 0x9da5, 
  0x9da9, 0x9db1, 0x9db3, 0x9db5, 0x9db7, 0x9dc1, 0x9dc5, 0x9dd7, 
  0x9df6, 0x9e41, 0x9e45, 0x9e49, 0x9e51, 0x9e53, 0x9e55, 0x9e57, 
  0x9e61, 0x9e65, 0x9e69, 0x9e73, 0x9e75, 0x9e77, 0x9e81, 0x9e82, 
  0x9e85, 0x9e89, 0x9e91, 0x9e93, 0x9e95, 0x9e97, 0x9ea1, 0x9eb6, 
  0x9ec1, 0x9ee1, 0x9ee2, 0x9ee5, 0x9ee9, 0x9ef1, 0x9ef5, 0x9ef7, 
  0x9f41, 0x9f42, 0x9f45, 0x9f49, 0x9f51, 0x9f53, 
  /* KSC codes b8a1-b8fe */
  0x9f55, 0x9f57, 0x9f61, 0x9f62, 0x9f65, 0x9f69, 0x9f71, 0x9f73, 
  0x9f75, 0x9f77, 0x9f78, 0x9f7b, 0x9f7c, 0x9fa1, 0x9fa2, 0x9fa5, 
  0x9fa9, 0x9fb1, 0x9fb3, 0x9fb5, 0x9fb7, 0xa061, 0xa062, 0xa065, 
  0xa067, 0xa068, 0xa069, 0xa06a, 0xa06b, 0xa071, 0xa073, 0xa075, 
  0xa077, 0xa078, 0xa07b, 0xa07d, 0xa081, 0xa082, 0xa085, 0xa089, 
  0xa091, 0xa093, 0xa095, 0xa096, 0xa097, 0xa098, 0xa0a1, 0xa0a2, 
  0xa0a9, 0xa0b7, 0xa0e1, 0xa0e2, 0xa0e5, 0xa0e9, 0xa0eb, 0xa0f1, 
  0xa0f3, 0xa0f5, 0xa0f7, 0xa0f8, 0xa0fd, 0xa141, 0xa142, 0xa145, 
  0xa149, 0xa151, 0xa153, 0xa155, 0xa156, 0xa157, 0xa161, 0xa162, 
  0xa165, 0xa169, 0xa175, 0xa176, 0xa177, 0xa179, 0xa181, 0xa1a1, 
  0xa1a2, 0xa1a4, 0xa1a5, 0xa1a9, 0xa1ab, 0xa1b1, 0xa1b3, 0xa1b5, 
  0xa1b7, 0xa1c1, 0xa1c5, 0xa1d6, 0xa1d7, 0xa241, 
  /* KSC codes b9a1-b9fe */
  0xa245, 0xa249, 0xa253, 0xa255, 0xa257, 0xa261, 0xa265, 0xa269, 
  0xa273, 0xa275, 0xa281, 0xa282, 0xa283, 0xa285, 0xa288, 0xa289, 
  0xa28a, 0xa28b, 0xa291, 0xa293, 0xa295, 0xa297, 0xa29b, 0xa29d, 
  0xa2a1, 0xa2a5, 0xa2a9, 0xa2b3, 0xa2b5, 0xa2c1, 0xa2e1, 0xa2e5, 
  0xa2e9, 0xa341, 0xa345, 0xa349, 0xa351, 0xa355, 0xa361, 0xa365, 
  0xa369, 0xa371, 0xa375, 0xa3a1, 0xa3a2, 0xa3a5, 0xa3a8, 0xa3a9, 
  0xa3ab, 0xa3b1, 0xa3b3, 0xa3b5, 0xa3b6, 0xa3b7, 0xa3b9, 0xa3bb, 
  0xa461, 0xa462, 0xa463, 0xa464, 0xa465, 0xa468, 0xa469, 0xa46a, 
  0xa46b, 0xa46c, 0xa471, 0xa473, 0xa475, 0xa477, 0xa47b, 0xa481, 
  0xa482, 0xa485, 0xa489, 0xa491, 0xa493, 0xa495, 0xa496, 0xa497, 
  0xa49b, 0xa4a1, 0xa4a2, 0xa4a5, 0xa4b3, 0xa4e1, 0xa4e2, 0xa4e5, 
  0xa4e8, 0xa4e9, 0xa4eb, 0xa4f1, 0xa4f3, 0xa4f5, 
  /* KSC codes baa1-bafe */
  0xa4f7, 0xa4f8, 0xa541, 0xa542, 0xa545, 0xa548, 0xa549, 0xa551, 
  0xa553, 0xa555, 0xa556, 0xa557, 0xa561, 0xa562, 0xa565, 0xa569, 
  0xa573, 0xa575, 0xa576, 0xa577, 0xa57b, 0xa581, 0xa585, 0xa5a1, 
  0xa5a2, 0xa5a3, 0xa5a5, 0xa5a9, 0xa5b1, 0xa5b3, 0xa5b5, 0xa5b7, 
  0xa5c1, 0xa5c5, 0xa5d6, 0xa5e1, 0xa5f6, 0xa641, 0xa642, 0xa645, 
  0xa649, 0xa651, 0xa653, 0xa661, 0xa665, 0xa681, 0xa682, 0xa685, 
  0xa688, 0xa689, 0xa68a, 0xa68b, 0xa691, 0xa693, 0xa695, 0xa697, 
  0xa69b, 0xa69c, 0xa6a1, 0xa6a9, 0xa6b6, 0xa6c1, 0xa6e1, 0xa6e2, 
  0xa6e5, 0xa6e9, 0xa6f7, 0xa741, 0xa745, 0xa749, 0xa751, 0xa755, 
  0xa757, 0xa761, 0xa762, 0xa765, 0xa769, 0xa771, 0xa773, 0xa775, 
  0xa7a1, 0xa7a2, 0xa7a5, 0xa7a9, 0xa7ab, 0xa7b1, 0xa7b3, 0xa7b5, 
  0xa7b7, 0xa7b8, 0xa7b9, 0xa861, 0xa862, 0xa865, 
  /* KSC codes bba1-bbfe */
  0xa869, 0xa86b, 0xa871, 0xa873, 0xa875, 0xa876, 0xa877, 0xa87d, 
  0xa881, 0xa882, 0xa885, 0xa889, 0xa891, 0xa893, 0xa895, 0xa896, 
  0xa897, 0xa8a1, 0xa8a2, 0xa8b1, 0xa8e1, 0xa8e2, 0xa8e5, 0xa8e8, 
  0xa8e9, 0xa8f1, 0xa8f5, 0xa8f6, 0xa8f7, 0xa941, 0xa957, 0xa961, 
  0xa962, 0xa971, 0xa973, 0xa975, 0xa976, 0xa977, 0xa9a1, 0xa9a2, 
  0xa9a5, 0xa9a9, 0xa9b1, 0xa9b3, 0xa9b7, 0xaa41, 0xaa61, 0xaa77, 
  0xaa81, 0xaa82, 0xaa85, 0xaa89, 0xaa91, 0xaa95, 0xaa97, 0xab41, 
  0xab57, 0xab61, 0xab65, 0xab69, 0xab71, 0xab73, 0xaba1, 0xaba2, 
  0xaba5, 0xaba9, 0xabb1, 0xabb3, 0xabb5, 0xabb7, 0xac61, 0xac62, 
  0xac64, 0xac65, 0xac68, 0xac69, 0xac6a, 0xac6b, 0xac71, 0xac73, 
  0xac75, 0xac76, 0xac77, 0xac7b, 0xac81, 0xac82, 0xac85, 0xac89, 
  0xac91, 0xac93, 0xac95, 0xac96, 0xac97, 0xaca1, 
  /* KSC codes bca1-bcfe */
  0xaca2, 0xaca5, 0xaca9, 0xacb1, 0xacb3, 0xacb5, 0xacb7, 0xacc1, 
  0xacc5, 0xacc9, 0xacd1, 0xacd7, 0xace1, 0xace2, 0xace3, 0xace4, 
  0xace5, 0xace8, 0xace9, 0xaceb, 0xacec, 0xacf1, 0xacf3, 0xacf5, 
  0xacf6, 0xacf7, 0xacfc, 0xad41, 0xad42, 0xad45, 0xad49, 0xad51, 
  0xad53, 0xad55, 0xad56, 0xad57, 0xad61, 0xad62, 0xad65, 0xad69, 
  0xad71, 0xad73, 0xad75, 0xad76, 0xad77, 0xad81, 0xad85, 0xad89, 
  0xad97, 0xada1, 0xada2, 0xada3, 0xada5, 0xada9, 0xadab, 0xadb1, 
  0xadb3, 0xadb5, 0xadb7, 0xadbb, 0xadc1, 0xadc2, 0xadc5, 0xadc9, 
  0xadd7, 0xade1, 0xade5, 0xade9, 0xadf1, 0xadf5, 0xadf6, 0xae41, 
  0xae45, 0xae49, 0xae51, 0xae53, 0xae55, 0xae61, 0xae62, 0xae65, 
  0xae69, 0xae71, 0xae73, 0xae75, 0xae77, 0xae81, 0xae82, 0xae85, 
  0xae88, 0xae89, 0xae91, 0xae93, 0xae95, 0xae97, 
  /* KSC codes bda1-bdfe */
  0xae99, 0xae9b, 0xae9c, 0xaea1, 0xaeb6, 0xaec1, 0xaec2, 0xaec5, 
  0xaec9, 0xaed1, 0xaed7, 0xaee1, 0xaee2, 0xaee5, 0xaee9, 0xaef1, 
  0xaef3, 0xaef5, 0xaef7, 0xaf41, 0xaf42, 0xaf49, 0xaf51, 0xaf55, 
  0xaf57, 0xaf61, 0xaf62, 0xaf65, 0xaf69, 0xaf6a, 0xaf71, 0xaf73, 
  0xaf75, 0xaf77, 0xafa1, 0xafa2, 0xafa5, 0xafa8, 0xafa9, 0xafb0, 
  0xafb1, 0xafb3, 0xafb5, 0xafb7, 0xafbc, 0xb061, 0xb062, 0xb064, 
  0xb065, 0xb069, 0xb071, 0xb073, 0xb076, 0xb077, 0xb07d, 0xb081, 
  0xb082, 0xb085, 0xb089, 0xb091, 0xb093, 0xb096, 0xb097, 0xb0b7, 
  0xb0e1, 0xb0e2, 0xb0e5, 0xb0e9, 0xb0eb, 0xb0f1, 0xb0f3, 0xb0f6, 
  0xb0f7, 0xb141, 0xb145, 0xb149, 0xb185, 0xb1a1, 0xb1a2, 0xb1a5, 
  0xb1a8, 0xb1a9, 0xb1ab, 0xb1b1, 0xb1b3, 0xb1b7, 0xb1c1, 0xb1c2, 
  0xb1c5, 0xb1d6, 0xb1e1, 0xb1f6, 0xb241, 0xb245, 
  /* KSC codes bea1-befe */
  0xb249, 0xb251, 0xb253, 0xb261, 0xb281, 0xb282, 0xb285, 0xb289, 
  0xb291, 0xb293, 0xb297, 0xb2a1, 0xb2b6, 0xb2c1, 0xb2e1, 0xb2e5, 
  0xb357, 0xb361, 0xb362, 0xb365, 0xb369, 0xb36b, 0xb370, 0xb371, 
  0xb373, 0xb381, 0xb385, 0xb389, 0xb391, 0xb3a1, 0xb3a2, 0xb3a5, 
  0xb3a9, 0xb3b1, 0xb3b3, 0xb3b5, 0xb3b7, 0xb461, 0xb462, 0xb465, 
  0xb466, 0xb467, 0xb469, 0xb46a, 0xb46b, 0xb470, 0xb471, 0xb473, 
  0xb475, 0xb476, 0xb477, 0xb47b, 0xb47c, 0xb481, 0xb482, 0xb485, 
  0xb489, 0xb491, 0xb493, 0xb495, 0xb496, 0xb497, 0xb4a1, 0xb4a2, 
  0xb4a5, 0xb4a9, 0xb4ac, 0xb4b1, 0xb4b3, 0xb4b5, 0xb4b7, 0xb4bb, 
  0xb4bd, 0xb4c1, 0xb4c5, 0xb4c9, 0xb4d3, 0xb4e1, 0xb4e2, 0xb4e5, 
  0xb4e6, 0xb4e8, 0xb4e9, 0xb4ea, 0xb4eb, 0xb4f1, 0xb4f3, 0xb4f4, 
  0xb4f5, 0xb4f6, 0xb4f7, 0xb4f8, 0xb4fa, 0xb4fc, 
  /* KSC codes bfa1-bffe */
  0xb541, 0xb542, 0xb545, 0xb549, 0xb551, 0xb553, 0xb555, 0xb557, 
  0xb561, 0xb562, 0xb563, 0xb565, 0xb569, 0xb56b, 0xb56c, 0xb571, 
  0xb573, 0xb574, 0xb575, 0xb576, 0xb577, 0xb57b, 0xb57c, 0xb57d, 
  0xb581, 0xb585, 0xb589, 0xb591, 0xb593, 0xb595, 0xb596, 0xb5a1, 
  0xb5a2, 0xb5a5, 0xb5a9, 0xb5aa, 0xb5ab, 0xb5ad, 0xb5b0, 0xb5b1, 
  0xb5b3, 0xb5b5, 0xb5b7, 0xb5b9, 0xb5c1, 0xb5c2, 0xb5c5, 0xb5c9, 
  0xb5d1, 0xb5d3, 0xb5d5, 0xb5d6, 0xb5d7, 0xb5e1, 0xb5e2, 0xb5e5, 
  0xb5f1, 0xb5f5, 0xb5f7, 0xb641, 0xb642, 0xb645, 0xb649, 0xb651, 
  0xb653, 0xb655, 0xb657, 0xb661, 0xb662, 0xb665, 0xb669, 0xb671, 
  0xb673, 0xb675, 0xb677, 0xb681, 0xb682, 0xb685, 0xb689, 0xb68a, 
  0xb68b, 0xb691, 0xb693, 0xb695, 0xb697, 0xb6a1, 0xb6a2, 0xb6a5, 
  0xb6a9, 0xb6b1, 0xb6b3, 0xb6b6, 0xb6b7, 0xb6c1, 
  /* KSC codes c0a1-c0fe */
  0xb6c2, 0xb6c5, 0xb6c9, 0xb6d1, 0xb6d3, 0xb6d7, 0xb6e1, 0xb6e2, 
  0xb6e5, 0xb6e9, 0xb6f1, 0xb6f3, 0xb6f5, 0xb6f7, 0xb741, 0xb742, 
  0xb745, 0xb749, 0xb751, 0xb753, 0xb755, 0xb757, 0xb759, 0xb761, 
  0xb762, 0xb765, 0xb769, 0xb76f, 0xb771, 0xb773, 0xb775, 0xb777, 
  0xb778, 0xb779, 0xb77a, 0xb77b, 0xb77c, 0xb77d, 0xb781, 0xb785, 
  0xb789, 0xb791, 0xb795, 0xb7a1, 0xb7a2, 0xb7a5, 0xb7a9, 0xb7aa, 
  0xb7ab, 0xb7b0, 0xb7b1, 0xb7b3, 0xb7b5, 0xb7b6, 0xb7b7, 0xb7b8, 
  0xb7bc, 0xb861, 0xb862, 0xb865, 0xb867, 0xb868, 0xb869, 0xb86b, 
  0xb871, 0xb873, 0xb875, 0xb876, 0xb877, 0xb878, 0xb881, 0xb882, 
  0xb885, 0xb889, 0xb891, 0xb893, 0xb895, 0xb896, 0xb897, 0xb8a1, 
  0xb8a2, 0xb8a5, 0xb8a7, 0xb8a9, 0xb8b1, 0xb8b7, 0xb8c1, 0xb8c5, 
  0xb8c9, 0xb8e1, 0xb8e2, 0xb8e5, 0xb8e9, 0xb8eb, 
  /* KSC codes c1a1-c1fe */
  0xb8f1, 0xb8f3, 0xb8f5, 0xb8f7, 0xb8f8, 0xb941, 0xb942, 0xb945, 
  0xb949, 0xb951, 0xb953, 0xb955, 0xb957, 0xb961, 0xb965, 0xb969, 
  0xb971, 0xb973, 0xb976, 0xb977, 0xb981, 0xb9a1, 0xb9a2, 0xb9a5, 
  0xb9a9, 0xb9ab, 0xb9b1, 0xb9b3, 0xb9b5, 0xb9b7, 0xb9b8, 0xb9b9, 
  0xb9bd, 0xb9c1, 0xb9c2, 0xb9c9, 0xb9d3, 0xb9d5, 0xb9d7, 0xb9e1, 
  0xb9f6, 0xb9f7, 0xba41, 0xba45, 0xba49, 0xba51, 0xba53, 0xba55, 
  0xba57, 0xba61, 0xba62, 0xba65, 0xba77, 0xba81, 0xba82, 0xba85, 
  0xba89, 0xba8a, 0xba8b, 0xba91, 0xba93, 0xba95, 0xba97, 0xbaa1, 
  0xbab6, 0xbac1, 0xbae1, 0xbae2, 0xbae5, 0xbae9, 0xbaf1, 0xbaf3, 
  0xbaf5, 0xbb41, 0xbb45, 0xbb49, 0xbb51, 0xbb61, 0xbb62, 0xbb65, 
  0xbb69, 0xbb71, 0xbb73, 0xbb75, 0xbb77, 0xbba1, 0xbba2, 0xbba5, 
  0xbba8, 0xbba9, 0xbbab, 0xbbb1, 0xbbb3, 0xbbb5, 
  /* KSC codes c2a1-c2fe */
  0xbbb7, 0xbbb8, 0xbbbb, 0xbbbc, 0xbc61, 0xbc62, 0xbc65, 0xbc67, 
  0xbc69, 0xbc6c, 0xbc71, 0xbc73, 0xbc75, 0xbc76, 0xbc77, 0xbc81, 
  0xbc82, 0xbc85, 0xbc89, 0xbc91, 0xbc93, 0xbc95, 0xbc96, 0xbc97, 
  0xbca1, 0xbca5, 0xbcb7, 0xbce1, 0xbce2, 0xbce5, 0xbce9, 0xbcf1, 
  0xbcf3, 0xbcf5, 0xbcf6, 0xbcf7, 0xbd41, 0xbd57, 0xbd61, 0xbd76, 
  0xbda1, 0xbda2, 0xbda5, 0xbda9, 0xbdb1, 0xbdb3, 0xbdb5, 0xbdb7, 
  0xbdb9, 0xbdc1, 0xbdc2, 0xbdc9, 0xbdd6, 0xbde1, 0xbdf6, 0xbe41, 
  0xbe45, 0xbe49, 0xbe51, 0xbe53, 0xbe77, 0xbe81, 0xbe82, 0xbe85, 
  0xbe89, 0xbe91, 0xbe93, 0xbe97, 0xbea1, 0xbeb6, 0xbeb7, 0xbee1, 
  0xbf41, 0xbf61, 0xbf71, 0xbf75, 0xbf77, 0xbfa1, 0xbfa2, 0xbfa5, 
  0xbfa9, 0xbfb1, 0xbfb3, 0xbfb7, 0xbfb8, 0xbfbd, 0xc061, 0xc062, 
  0xc065, 0xc067, 0xc069, 0xc071, 0xc073, 0xc075, 
  /* KSC codes c3a1-c3fe */
  0xc076, 0xc077, 0xc078, 0xc081, 0xc082, 0xc085, 0xc089, 0xc091, 
  0xc093, 0xc095, 0xc096, 0xc097, 0xc0a1, 0xc0a5, 0xc0a7, 0xc0a9, 
  0xc0b1, 0xc0b7, 0xc0e1, 0xc0e2, 0xc0e5, 0xc0e9, 0xc0f1, 0xc0f3, 
  0xc0f5, 0xc0f6, 0xc0f7, 0xc141, 0xc142, 0xc145, 0xc149, 0xc151, 
  0xc153, 0xc155, 0xc157, 0xc161, 0xc165, 0xc176, 0xc181, 0xc185, 
  0xc197, 0xc1a1, 0xc1a2, 0xc1a5, 0xc1a9, 0xc1b1, 0xc1b3, 0xc1b5, 
  0xc1b7, 0xc1c1, 0xc1c5, 0xc1c9, 0xc1d7, 0xc241, 0xc245, 0xc249, 
  0xc251, 0xc253, 0xc255, 0xc257, 0xc261, 0xc271, 0xc281, 0xc282, 
  0xc285, 0xc289, 0xc291, 0xc293, 0xc295, 0xc297, 0xc2a1, 0xc2b6, 
  0xc2c1, 0xc2c5, 0xc2e1, 0xc2e5, 0xc2e9, 0xc2f1, 0xc2f3, 0xc2f5, 
  0xc2f7, 0xc341, 0xc345, 0xc349, 0xc351, 0xc357, 0xc361, 0xc362, 
  0xc365, 0xc369, 0xc371, 0xc373, 0xc375, 0xc377, 
  /* KSC codes c4a1-c4fe */
  0xc3a1, 0xc3a2, 0xc3a5, 0xc3a8, 0xc3a9, 0xc3aa, 0xc3b1, 0xc3b3, 
  0xc3b5, 0xc3b7, 0xc461, 0xc462, 0xc465, 0xc469, 0xc471, 0xc473, 
  0xc475, 0xc477, 0xc481, 0xc482, 0xc485, 0xc489, 0xc491, 0xc493, 
  0xc495, 0xc496, 0xc497, 0xc4a1, 0xc4a2, 0xc4b7, 0xc4e1, 0xc4e2, 
  0xc4e5, 0xc4e8, 0xc4e9, 0xc4f1, 0xc4f3, 0xc4f5, 0xc4f6, 0xc4f7, 
  0xc541, 0xc542, 0xc545, 0xc549, 0xc551, 0xc553, 0xc555, 0xc557, 
  0xc561, 0xc565, 0xc569, 0xc571, 0xc573, 0xc575, 0xc576, 0xc577, 
  0xc581, 0xc5a1, 0xc5a2, 0xc5a5, 0xc5a9, 0xc5b1, 0xc5b3, 0xc5b5, 
  0xc5b7, 0xc5c1, 0xc5c2, 0xc5c5, 0xc5c9, 0xc5d1, 0xc5d7, 0xc5e1, 
  0xc5f7, 0xc641, 0xc649, 0xc661, 0xc681, 0xc682, 0xc685, 0xc689, 
  0xc691, 0xc693, 0xc695, 0xc697, 0xc6a1, 0xc6a5, 0xc6a9, 0xc6b7, 
  0xc6c1, 0xc6d7, 0xc6e1, 0xc6e2, 0xc6e5, 0xc6e9, 
  /* KSC codes c5a1-c5fe */
  0xc6f1, 0xc6f3, 0xc6f5, 0xc6f7, 0xc741, 0xc745, 0xc749, 0xc751, 
  0xc761, 0xc762, 0xc765, 0xc769, 0xc771, 0xc773, 0xc777, 0xc7a1, 
  0xc7a2, 0xc7a5, 0xc7a9, 0xc7b1, 0xc7b3, 0xc7b5, 0xc7b7, 0xc861, 
  0xc862, 0xc865, 0xc869, 0xc86a, 0xc871, 0xc873, 0xc875, 0xc876, 
  0xc877, 0xc881, 0xc882, 0xc885, 0xc889, 0xc891, 0xc893, 0xc895, 
  0xc896, 0xc897, 0xc8a1, 0xc8b7, 0xc8e1, 0xc8e2, 0xc8e5, 0xc8e9, 
  0xc8eb, 0xc8f1, 0xc8f3, 0xc8f5, 0xc8f6, 0xc8f7, 0xc941, 0xc942, 
  0xc945, 0xc949, 0xc951, 0xc953, 0xc955, 0xc957, 0xc961, 0xc965, 
  0xc976, 0xc981, 0xc985, 0xc9a1, 0xc9a2, 0xc9a5, 0xc9a9, 0xc9b1, 
  0xc9b3, 0xc9b5, 0xc9b7, 0xc9bc, 0xc9c1, 0xc9c5, 0xc9e1, 0xca41, 
  0xca45, 0xca55, 0xca57, 0xca61, 0xca81, 0xca82, 0xca85, 0xca89, 
  0xca91, 0xca93, 0xca95, 0xca97, 0xcaa1, 0xcab6, 
  /* KSC codes c6a1-c6fe */
  0xcac1, 0xcae1, 0xcae2, 0xcae5, 0xcae9, 0xcaf1, 0xcaf3, 0xcaf7, 
  0xcb41, 0xcb45, 0xcb49, 0xcb51, 0xcb57, 0xcb61, 0xcb62, 0xcb65, 
  0xcb68, 0xcb69, 0xcb6b, 0xcb71, 0xcb73, 0xcb75, 0xcb81, 0xcb85, 
  0xcb89, 0xcb91, 0xcb93, 0xcba1, 0xcba2, 0xcba5, 0xcba9, 0xcbb1, 
  0xcbb3, 0xcbb5, 0xcbb7, 0xcc61, 0xcc62, 0xcc63, 0xcc65, 0xcc69, 
  0xcc6b, 0xcc71, 0xcc73, 0xcc75, 0xcc76, 0xcc77, 0xcc7b, 0xcc81, 
  0xcc82, 0xcc85, 0xcc89, 0xcc91, 0xcc93, 0xcc95, 0xcc96, 0xcc97, 
  0xcca1, 0xcca2, 0xcce1, 0xcce2, 0xcce5, 0xcce9, 0xccf1, 0xccf3, 
  0xccf5, 0xccf6, 0xccf7, 0xcd41, 0xcd42, 0xcd45, 0xcd49, 0xcd51, 
  0xcd53, 0xcd55, 0xcd57, 0xcd61, 0xcd65, 0xcd69, 0xcd71, 0xcd73, 
  0xcd76, 0xcd77, 0xcd81, 0xcd89, 0xcd93, 0xcd95, 0xcda1, 0xcda2, 
  0xcda5, 0xcda9, 0xcdb1, 0xcdb3, 0xcdb5, 0xcdb7, 
  /* KSC codes c7a1-c7fe */
  0xcdc1, 0xcdd7, 0xce41, 0xce45, 0xce61, 0xce65, 0xce69, 0xce73, 
  0xce75, 0xce81, 0xce82, 0xce85, 0xce88, 0xce89, 0xce8b, 0xce91, 
  0xce93, 0xce95, 0xce97, 0xcea1, 0xceb7, 0xcee1, 0xcee5, 0xcee9, 
  0xcef1, 0xcef5, 0xcf41, 0xcf45, 0xcf49, 0xcf51, 0xcf55, 0xcf57, 
  0xcf61, 0xcf65, 0xcf69, 0xcf71, 0xcf73, 0xcf75, 0xcfa1, 0xcfa2, 
  0xcfa5, 0xcfa9, 0xcfb1, 0xcfb3, 0xcfb5, 0xcfb7, 0xd061, 0xd062, 
  0xd065, 0xd069, 0xd06e, 0xd071, 0xd073, 0xd075, 0xd077, 0xd081, 
  0xd082, 0xd085, 0xd089, 0xd091, 0xd093, 0xd095, 0xd096, 0xd097, 
  0xd0a1, 0xd0b7, 0xd0e1, 0xd0e2, 0xd0e5, 0xd0e9, 0xd0eb, 0xd0f1, 
  0xd0f3, 0xd0f5, 0xd0f7, 0xd141, 0xd142, 0xd145, 0xd149, 0xd151, 
  0xd153, 0xd155, 0xd157, 0xd161, 0xd162, 0xd165, 0xd169, 0xd171, 
  0xd173, 0xd175, 0xd176, 0xd177, 0xd181, 0xd185, 
  /* KSC codes c8a1-c8fe */
  0xd189, 0xd193, 0xd1a1, 0xd1a2, 0xd1a5, 0xd1a9, 0xd1ae, 0xd1b1, 
  0xd1b3, 0xd1b5, 0xd1b7, 0xd1bb, 0xd1c1, 0xd1c2, 0xd1c5, 0xd1c9, 
  0xd1d5, 0xd1d7, 0xd1e1, 0xd1e2, 0xd1e5, 0xd1f5, 0xd1f7, 0xd241, 
  0xd242, 0xd245, 0xd249, 0xd253, 0xd255, 0xd257, 0xd261, 0xd265, 
  0xd269, 0xd273, 0xd275, 0xd281, 0xd282, 0xd285, 0xd289, 0xd28e, 
  0xd291, 0xd295, 0xd297, 0xd2a1, 0xd2a5, 0xd2a9, 0xd2b1, 0xd2b7, 
  0xd2c1, 0xd2c2, 0xd2c5, 0xd2c9, 0xd2d7, 0xd2e1, 0xd2e2, 0xd2e5, 
  0xd2e9, 0xd2f1, 0xd2f3, 0xd2f5, 0xd2f7, 0xd341, 0xd342, 0xd345, 
  0xd349, 0xd351, 0xd355, 0xd357, 0xd361, 0xd362, 0xd365, 0xd367, 
  0xd368, 0xd369, 0xd36a, 0xd371, 0xd373, 0xd375, 0xd377, 0xd37b, 
  0xd381, 0xd385, 0xd389, 0xd391, 0xd393, 0xd397, 0xd3a1, 0xd3a2, 
  0xd3a5, 0xd3a9, 0xd3b1, 0xd3b3, 0xd3b5, 0xd3b7, 
  /* KSC codes a4a1-a4d3: Single letters. */
  0x0841, 0x0c41, 0x0444, 0x1041, 0x0446, 0x0447, 0x1441, 0x1841, 
  0x1c41, 0x044a, 0x044b, 0x044c, 0x044d, 0x044e, 0x044f, 0x0450, 
  0x2041, 0x2441, 0x2841, 0x0454, 0x2c41, 0x3041, 0x3441, 0x3841, 
  0x3c41, 0x4041, 0x4441, 0x4841, 0x4c41, 0x5041, 0x0461, 0x0481, 
  0x04a1, 0x04c1, 0x04e1, 0x0541, 0x0561, 0x0581, 0x05a1, 0x05c1, 
  0x05e1, 0x0641, 0x0661, 0x0681, 0x06a1, 0x06c1, 0x06e1, 0x0741, 
  0x0761, 0x0781, 0x07a1

/* Functions. ===============================================================*/

ksc_to_table_index( int_t ksc )
  int_t lo = ksc & 0xff;
  int_t hi = ksc >> 8;

  if (LOBYTE_FIRST <= lo && lo <= LOBYTE_LAST
      && HIBYTE_FIRST <= hi && hi <= HIBYTE_LAST)
    return (hi - HIBYTE_FIRST) * KSC_PAGE_SIZE + (lo - LOBYTE_FIRST);
  else if (FIRST_LETTER <= ksc && ksc <= LAST_LETTER)
    return SYLLABLE_COUNT + (ksc - FIRST_LETTER);
    complain( "Illegal KSC character." );


table_index_to_ksc( int_t index )
  if (index < SYLLABLE_COUNT)
    return (((index / KSC_PAGE_SIZE + HIBYTE_FIRST) << 8) 
          + index % KSC_PAGE_SIZE + LOBYTE_FIRST);
    return FIRST_LETTER + (index - SYLLABLE_COUNT);

/* End of file. -------------------------------------------------------------*/

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